Ex R.N. D W F Baggott has always been passionate about anything to do with the Royal Navy and leatherwork so, when he left the Navy just after the end of World War II, it seemed fitting that he should decide to make replicas of fire buckets and water buckets, which were used to carry water to cool the hot guns and to wash down bloody decks during battles, and gunpowder kegs, with which young Powder Monkeys would have rushed powder to the cannons so many years ago during Lord Nelson’s era.

The Leatherworker continues to make these articles, and product details can be found by clicking on our ‘shop’ under Royal Navy Collection. All of the following quality articles are made entirely by hand, and are fully functional as they are lined with non-toxic bituminous pitch which makes them waterproof. All articles are made to order and, as such, should you like a name or date to be embossed somewhere on the article this can be discussed and agreed at the point of order. Please allow 4-6 weeks’ delivery time.