Terms and Conditions


  1. On receipt of an order The Leatherworker will fulfil the contract subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.
  2. From time to time these Terms and Conditions will be updated. You are expected to let us know if you would like to be informed when updates occur.
  3. These Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been accepted by you when you place an order with The Leatherworker.
  4. If any part of these terms and conditions shall be invalid or unenforceable then any other parts shall remain in full force and effect.


1.Where the project requires an estimate of cost rather than a firm quotation, this will be made clear to the customer and The Leatherworker reserves the right to15% more than the price estimate should the project be more complex than original anticipated. Converseley, if the project proves to be less than complicated than originally anticipated, the price will reduce accordingly.

Order and Contract

  1. The Leatherworker does not currently require to charge VAT or Sales Tax.
  2. The description of goods and services shall be as set out in our offer to supply.
  3. The Leatherworker has the right and sole discretion to decline to carry out any service.
  4. Purchase orders shall be deemed to be accepted and binding when we contact you to confirm acceptance either by telephone, e-mail or fax.
  5. The Leatherworker is entitled to withdraw from any contract in the case of obvious errors or inaccuracies regarding the goods or the order or for reasons of unavailability. 
  6. The Leatherworker reserves the right to place restrictions on the volume of any goods ordered.
  7. All products are subject to availability, E&EO. Such information is subject to change without notice.
  8. If following our Purchase Order Acknowledgement (POA) goods are unavailable or if The Leatherworker needs to vary the price due to supplier price increases or exchange rate fluctuations then The Leatherworker shall notify you to allow the opportunity to cancel your order if The Leatherworker has not done so itself.
  9. A Purchase Order Acknowledgement (POA) may only be changed when agreed by both parties.
  10. All drawings, descriptive matter, specifications and advertising issued by The Leatherworker and any descriptions or illustrations contained in/on our web site(s) are issued or published for the sole purpose of giving an approximate idea of the goods described in them. They will not form part of a contract.
  11. The Leatherworker shall be free to sub-contract or otherwise deal with the whole or any part of the contract. We may at any time transfer or assign all or any rights and/or obligations or any part of it to any person, firm or company.


  1. Applicable delivery charges will be advised in our offer to supply.
  2. Delivery dates are an estimate and shall not be made of the essence by notice. If delivery dates are not specified then delivery will be within a reasonable time. We will not be liable for any loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the delivery of the goods nor will any delay entitle you to terminate or rescind the order unless such delay exceeds 7 working days.
  3. All risk for the goods will pass to you on receipt of the goods.
  4. It is the responsibility of the customer to package correctly, organise and pay for the shipping of goods being returned to The Leatherworker.

Invoicing and Payment

  1. Prices/charges and payment terms are as specified in our offer to supply and/or your invoice.
  2. Payment shall be made in any European currency.
  3. All goods and service/repair parts will remain the property of The Leatherworker until payment has been made in full and the customer shall remain a bailee only until payment is made.
  4. You shall make all payments due under the contract without any deduction whether by way of set-off, counterclaim, discount, abatement or otherwise unless you have a valid court order requiring an amount equal to such deduction to be paid by The Leatherworker to you.
  5. The Leatherworker reserves the right at any time during the term of the agreement to suspend services and to withdraw access to a web site if payment is withheld until such time that outstanding debts including relevant interest charges (if applicable) are collected in full. Equally The Leatherworker can then subsequently demand full payment in advance for the duration of the contract to supply said services if it then feels it is deemed necessary.
  6. Any account outstanding beyond our credit terms may be passed out of hand to our debt recovery agents. Accounts that are passed will be subject to a surcharge of 15% to cover the cost incurred. Such accounts will also be subject to any other costs incurred in obtaining settlement.
  7. We have the right to charge interest as per the 1998 act for Late Payments of Commercial Debts. A credit charge of 5% above the Lloyds TSB lending rate for the period due date to settlement date may be made if an invoice is not paid by the due date. The Leatherworker reserves the right to vary the rate of interest charged.
  8. Complaints and disputes must be notified by the customer to The Leatherworker in writing within 14 days of the date on the invoice.


  1. Termination of the agreement shall not affect any obligation or liability of any party which has accrued at the date of termination.
  2. In respect of any other accrued rights, neither party shall be under any further obligation to the other.
  3. In the case of cancellation of a purchase order where work is in progress, all work to the date of cancellation will be chargeable.
  4. Offers will state if a service to be provided is by a third party company. Purchase orders for third party services cannot be cancelled within the minimum contract period, normally 12 months. The responsibility for support, performance and reliability is with the actual provider of the service(s) unless otherwise specified in our offer.


  1. Goods are supplied with a 12 months warranty against defective workmanship and defects in the materials. All claims under this warranty will take into consideration fair wear and tear and exclude accidental or deliberate damage.
  2. Return To Base (RTB) denotes return to manufacturers base.
  3. Physical damage is not covered by guarantee.
  4. Any alteration to the equipment not authorised by The Leatherworker shall constitute a waiver by you of the guarantee.


  1. Prior to returning goods notify The Leatherworker by email stating your invoice number, product and fault details. A Returns Material Authorisation (RMA) number will be issued by The Leatherworker which is to be clearly written on the packaging.
  2. Products being returned must be returned in suitable packaging, carriage paid. The Leatherworker reserves the right to refuse to accept incorrectly packaged goods. Goods must be returned complete with all pieces as originally supplied.
  3. Within a period of 14 working days The Leatherworker will report their "fault" findings to you.
  4. We will not accept claims for goods arriving in a damaged condition. Products that arrive with packaging damage should be refused.
  5. No refunds or exchanges will be made until goods have been received by The Leatherworker. For your own protection it is advisable to obtain a receipt when posting returns and to pack items carefully to avoid damage.
  6. Faulty goods may be returned to the supplier or manufacturer for investigation by The Leatherworker. They will repair or replace components found to be faulty at their discretion.
  7. The Leatherworker shall use reasonable efforts to replace damaged or defective goods but if replacement is not possible, or if an order is canceled for any other reason then The Leatherworker´s only obligation is to refund the full amount paid by you. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  8. Goods lost in transit will be subject to investigation by the company used for transit. If investigation shows your claim to be valid then a replacement consignment will be dispatched in due course.
  9. The Leatherworker will always give full consideration to any complaint received but liability will be limited in all circumstances to the refund of monies received or to the supply of satisfactory goods..

Liability and Insurance

  1. The Leatherworker accepts no liability for any delay, damage, costs or any other loss howsoever caused, arising from any matter relating to The Leatherworker if these are outside our reasonable control.
  2. The Leatherworker accepts no responsibility for any mistakes or errors that arise during the course of any service and shall not be liable for any damage thereto or any loss of profit by any indirect, special or consequential loss whether caused by the negligence of The Leatherworker, its employees or agents.
  3. The Leatherworker will not be liable for any loss of data, copy, artwork, photographs or other materials which you supply to us.
  4. You hereby undertake to keep The Leatherworker fully and effectively indemnified against any liability which The Leatherworker may suffer or incur whilst working at your premises.

Force Majeure

  1. The Leatherworker shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performance of any part of this agreement to the extent that such delay or failure is caused by transportation, fire, flood, explosion, accident, war, strike, embargo, governmental requirement, civil or military authority, Act of God, civil unrest, inability to secure materials or labour or any other causes beyond our reasonable control or beyond the control of that of our servants or agents. Any such delay or failure shall suspend this agreement until the Force Majeure ceases and the original contract for goods and/or service(s) shall be extended by the length of the suspension.


  1. Any information you provide to The Leatherworker including account and credit card details, is stored in a manner approved by Data Protection legislation and we enforce strict internal security procedures to ensure compliance and prevent unauthorised access.
  2. Other than as necessary to fulfil your order we will not disclose your personal information, any secret or confidential information to any third party without your written consent or unless we are required to do so by law.


  1. All aspects of contracts between you and The Leatherworker shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Law of the country in which the order is fulfilled or the service undertaken.